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The building

The ultimate location to build the future.

HelloWorld: Perfect for companies looking to strengthen their business through a combination of immaculate office space with transport, warehousing, shipping, production and ‘value added logistics’.

Ideally situated at Schiphol Trade Park, in the centre of the Randstad. HelloWorld is a new development by Delta Development and VolkerWessels Logistics Development, following on from the success of ABC Square.

The building

Specs & Tariffs

Would you like to know how much space we have to offer?

You will find an overview of HelloWorld’s programme and corresponding square meterage below. Interested in a detailed overview of HelloWorld’s characteristics? Then see our Specs & Tariffs page!

Business space
36.244 m²
Multi-functional space
6.890 m²
1.721 m²
Office space
3.819 m²
Parking spaces
Specs & Tariffs

Say Hi to HelloWorld!

Check out the video about HelloWorld: Reaching out to the Future.


Perfect location

Efficient ‘hub’ to the south-east of Hoofddorp. In the centre of the Randstad, High-quality public transport and Parking right outside.



Sustainable property is the future

Sustainability has top priority in the development of HelloWorld. Its design is in accordance with Cradle-to-Cradle® philosophy and circular building. It is BREEAM-certified and as expected the construction is made up of non-toxic materials. HelloWorld has solar panels creating an energy-positive building without a connection to the gas mains or a need for it.


Reliable partners in logistics development projects


VolkerWessels Logistics Development, a wholly owned subsidiary of VolkerWessels, develops logistics and industrial real estate according to the needs of users. We develop innovative projects for our clients in collaboration with strategic partners and users of logistics real estate.


Delta Development Group is an independent developer based in Hoofddorp. The company was the first to adopt Circular working 15 years ago in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. Healthy materials, daylight and greenery play an important role in that. Delta primarily develops Homes, Offices and Logistic projects.